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Sunny Miller

artist, muralist, teacher & human rights advocate

Video Production

Veterans Paul Abernathy and Matt Southworth, both member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, speak with Sunny Miller, Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center, after the antiwar/anti-occupation rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on March 17, 2007.

Winter Hawk Drummers coming from Northern Indiana

Winter Hawk drummers came from northern Indiana on the summer solstice. Storms and full moon were both on their way to Delphi, on Monday June 20. We took shelter at the blockhouse on the Mears farm. Meanings of songs shared filled our circle. Dedication of the bison at Freedom Bridge will wait for another full moon. See the progress volunteers have in preserving land there:

Make Music Day in Delphi?

Hazel Zettee and Howie Clark are often seen at the monthly Brookston Jam

Hazel Zettee and Howie Clark are often seen at the monthly Brookston Jam.

Before and after the evening celebration at Carroll County's new Bicentennial Park, "Fete de la Musique," (Make Music Day) welcomes singers and musicians worldwide to play freely all day, wherever people welcome music ( It started in France in 1982; now 5,000 people play worldwide.

On Monday, June 20 from 4-6 p.m. Howie Clark played banjo and guitar with Brookston Jam friends at Stone House restaurant, 117 East Main Street, in Delphi, a block from the Courthouse. Celebration on the land at Bicentennial Park began at 6:30. See

Invitations to play are a worldwide phenomenon since first proposed in 1981 by the Minster of Culture, Jack Lang in France.


Video produced and program moderated by Sunny Miller at GCTV,
Greenfield, MA for Traprock Peace Center on November 3, 2006.