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Sunny Miller

artist, muralist, teacher & human rights advocate

Professional, creative sign solutions that promote your business or public service. All styles of lettering can be done freehand for commercial or educational projects.
Prices vary. 413-627-5979

Blue Moon Rising sign

Sign for Blue Moon Rising singing group in West Lafayette, Indiana

land and Sky sign

Sign for Land & Sky building site in Greenfield, Massachuetts

Sign for Northside Music Company, Lafayette, IN

If your business is to think OUT-of-the-BOX consider a round sign.
Many subjects can be abstracted to create a dynamic back-drop.

Rennaisanse Properties Bostonsign

Sign for Renaissance Properties, Boston, MA

Protect your workplace from the toxic fumes of vinyl signage?
Just ask for low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)!
Acrylic paints add dramatic color.

Bigelow sign
I constructed then marbelized this surface of
maximum density overlay, a most durable plywood
with a perfectly smooth surface, for
Renaissance Properties, in Boston.

Champlain Valley Festival sign

I can translate a monochrome logo
into a full-color image as I did for the
Chanplain Valley Festival in Vermont.

This is a wonderful festival of folk music, stories and culture, often at Kingsland Bay State Park,
right on Lake Champlain, in early August.

Sale into Dreams sign in Lafayette  Indiana

I painted 10 sheets of plywood for a sale.

Mister Penquin sign

An early sign and mural, on Main Street in Lafayette, Indiana, my home town.

If you've got great ideas, you'll want a great sign!