Sunny Miller










Sunny Miller

artist, muralist, teacher & human rights advocate


In addition to steel, I've enjoyed a rich variety of materials for sculptures: bronze casting, fiber arts, ceramics, stone mosaic, found objects, wood, and earth.


Wax maquette, sketched for submission to the Indiana Arts Comission
& proposed installation at Lincoln State Park.

"Relief work evokes an intimacy not easily conjured in large free-standing sculpture, but that goes beyond the tight intimacy we often feel with two-dimensional drawings."
-- Scott Frankenberger


Model for "A Welcoming Amphithether" on site


Top view of the model

In the fall of 2013 I began to learn welding in order to build sculptures that will last long beyond my lifetime and endure in a variety of tough climates. I look forward to supporting the arts and humanities, health and education, ecological and and environmental concerns in a wide variety of public settings.

In April 2015 I made visits to study possibilities at the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater where the Parks Department also maintains spacious soccer fields, open vistas, ample parking and trails runners enjoy. . It's a handsome facility deserving more frequent use. I delivered my proposal for a steel sculpture that could become a signature for the Amphitheater, as well as the Athletic fields, and all the arts that can be presented on stage. Since the competition has now closed, I can share my vision of a large steel sculpture. The durable, electroplated, powder coat finish also appears on the red sculpture, "Gifts of Love,” below.

Master welder Tony Yeager is a great partner; we enjoy working together. I can see why Subaru Indiana promoted him to do quality control.