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Sunny Miller - Portrait Artist

artist, muralist, teacher & human rights advocate

Portraits in pencil, colored pencil, ink, pastels, acrylic, or oils
from photos or a sitting, solo or in groups.

Please call to discuss your request:
413 627-5979

Portrait - Judd, Beaty and Flika

"Loving Life in Deerfield" © Sunny Miller, 2010. This is a 50th anniversary portrait of my dear friends, Judd & Beaty Blain. I did a photo shoot with them indoors and out, and from those selected portions as my studies from which to paint. "Everyone our age should have the adorations of a friend like Flika!"

Portrait of Web Du Bois as a young man; he later co-founded the NAACP

This portrait of W.E.B. DuBois as a young man is a study for a civil rights mural.
In later years he co-founded the NAACP.

Bold brush strokes in black on white are foundation of this portrait study Lucinda Todd and her daughter Nancy

Lucinda Todd and her daughter Nancy are shown in a study for a civil rights mural.
Women's contributions are often overlooked in historic public art projects. I'm grateful to Nancy and Ramon Noches who donated historic photographs and many documents to the Historical Society, and in turn my thanks to Nancy Sherbert at the Kansas State Historical Society Archives for permission to study their portrait for a civil rights mural in Topeka, Kansas.

Portrait of Mother and Child by Sunny Miller, Artist

Mother and Child

Portraits celebrate family, sweethearts, elders,
your children, handsome teens or old friends.


Baby Portrait in colored pencil by Sunny Miller

Sleeping Infant drawn in colored pencil.


Portrait Portrait portrait