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Murals by Sunny Miller


Muralist, painting nationally

"Public art is for everyone!"


Copley Plaza Lobby skylight painting by Sunny Miller

Detail from John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum image

"Inside, gilded, coffered ceilings decorated with trompe l'oeil paintings soar over the grand, 5,000-square-foot lobby and period antiques are displayed throughout, with particular detailing that reinforces Copley Plaza's distinctive, refined character". - Historic Hotels of America

Three decades later water damage required mural restoration in 2016

Three decades later water damage required mural restoration, completed by Sunny Miller in 2016.


Fifty characters, up to 20 feet high celebrate diversity on Guion Road in Indianapolis. Eight segments total 400 linear feet!

Sunny's mural proposal was the planning committee's unanimous choice to transform a dark, gray underpass into a vibrant gateway. Her theme would be "Health & Happiness is International," honoring the multi-cultural revival of Indy's International Marketplace neighborhood, formerly known as Lafayette Square.

Indy Mural 1

Doctor Jared Snyder is shown on this Indy Mural

Indy Mural 2

Indy Mural 3

Indy Mural 4

Indy Mural 5


Sunny Miller Community Unity Mural in Baltimore, 2011

"Community Unity, 2011"

The Carrollton Ridge Neighborhood Association chose an inspiring theme for this three-story mural as seen from Route 1 in Baltimore, at 416 South Monroe Street, for the Baltimore Office of Promotion of the Arts. In 2012 BOPA recognized it as one of their favorite murals in Baltimore.

Community Unity Mural, Baltimore, MD

Here you see me doing final touch-up on the ladder. We used four levels of scaffold for about six weeks for this $20,000 project. After two coats of primer, I painted with rollers & brushes from Aug. 21-Oct. 8, 2011.

More details below.

Community Unity Mural, Baltimore, MD - detail

Gardener in an Orange Hat, detail of "Community Unity"

This gardener is digging into hard-packed rubble, with bits of brick, broken glass, nails and a bottle cap visible to the astute viewer. The lush garden around and a robin's egg just discovered, represent adversity and the rewards and discoveries that come with hard work, for the sake of community.

Next-to-Kin Home Daycare Mural, Baltimore, MD

Paintings on entry walls create open space inside the Next-to-Kin Home Daycare, Baltimore, 2011


detail of mural at Boston Park Plaza by Sunny Miller

Mural by Sunny Miller at Boston Park Plaza Hotel. This detail shows the courtyard at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Built in 1927, the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers is a member of Historic Hotels of America, and a recipient of Successful Meetings Pinnacle Award for delivering excellence in meetings. Click to see larger image.

This is a detail of a 4-story mural painted on stucco for the Copley Square Hotel in Boston.

Here Charlie Chaplain has just plucked a flower from the painted window box. Marble faux surface illusion can also be seen on my sign-painting page.

I knew my illusion was effective when I was lowering the swing staging. A trim painter on his cigarette break shouted out to me to watch out for the awning! Then he remembered it was an illusion.

Mural at Renaissance Properties, Boston by Sunny Miller

Bricks and Bay windows are an illusion painted on grey cement block, for Renaissance Properties in Boston. Here I'm standing on a two-story roof, adjoining the mural.

Lafayette, Indiana:

Under Cover Storage mural on North 9th St, Lafayette, IN

In 2007, painting a 4 story mural for UnderCover Storage brought me back to my home town, Lafayette, Indiana.


(left) North Ninth Street Mural Lafayette, Indiana for UnderCover Storage when work in progress Nov. 2007; (right) Huge warehouse gets a facelift (detail of the Wabash River)


Detail from Sunny Miller mural at Sarasota Chalk Festival, 2011 - photo by William Mansell Detail from mural at Sarasota Chalk Festival, 2011

Sunny painting at the Sarasota Chalk Festival, 2011 - photo by William Mansell

More photos of work in progress in "Albums" below.

Research and Planning:

Portrait of Web Du Bois as a young man; he later co-founded the NAACP

This portrait of W.E.B. DuBois as a young man is a study for a civil rights mural. In later years he co-founded the NAACP.

Bold brush strokes in black on white are foundation of this portrait study Lucinda Todd and her daughter Nancy

Lucinda Todd and her daughter Nancy are shown in a study for a civil rights mural in the historic Topeka courthouse, honoring work that led to "Brown vs. Board of Education," verdict by the Supreme Court that banned segregation in public education.

Women's contributions are often overlooked in historic public art projects. I'm grateful to Nancy and Ramon Noches who donated historic photographs and many documents to the Historical Society, and in turn my thanks to Nancy Sherbert at the Kansas State Historical Society Archives for permission to study their portrait for a civil rights mural in Topeka, Kansas.


November 3, 2011 - See photo album. Sunny painting at the Sarasota Chalk Festival.

See article in Sarasota Patch. Photos by William Mansell.

Baltimore Community Mural

Community Unity - Baltimore, 2011

with Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and the Carrollton Ridge Neighborhood Association